An agency for concert organisation and artist management within art music.

Our Motto

“Architektur ist gefrorene Musik.”

…translates as ‘architecture is frozen music’. We have taken Schopenhauer’s poetic thought and – in extension of its meaning – applied it to what a music management agency is all about. If architecture can be defined as the process and the product of planning, designing and constructing buildings, then we plan, design and ‘construct’ concerts.


Championing worthwhile and little-known art music, promoting aspiring and talented musicians.


Architetti musicali started out in 2012 as the legal entity (initially a limited company, currently a private foundation) behind the concert organisation and impresario activities of its founder and manager, Severin Vasilev.

This is the reason there are events predating the agency’s existence. The occasion for its founding was one of the agency’s biggest projects to date, the chamber music festival Musica Nordica da Camera in 2012. The agency’s focus has been to promote and perform Nordic art music, almost exclusively with the support of the Nordic embassies in Buglaria. This, together with the interest for lesser-known works and composers, helped the organisation to successfully fill in a niche in the local music scene. 

For a complete, chronological overview of the concerts, masterclasses and musical events organised by Architetti musicali see the Event Timeline.


  • Concert and masterclass organisation is the agency’s main activity. The whole end-to-end process is covered: from selecting musicians, repertoire and hall, designing the overall vision and taking care of marketing and accounting, down to carrying out the event itself and assuring that everything goes smoothly.
  • Artist management – striving not only to promote music, but also the artists that perform it.
  • Consultations – sharing the know-how acquired from head-on experience in a variety of successfully organised events.
  • Presentations – emceeing musical events.